De Swaen Logo
Our reception was at De Swaen, a wonderful hotel in Oisterwijk
with an intimate atmosphere and extraordinary service.

Signing in on a Chinese banner
Guests arriving at the reception signed in on a Chinese banner.

Champagne Glasses
Singing makes thirsty, so it's a good thing we had plenty of these.

MxxxReceptionOverview.jpg - 29539 Bytes
The garden of the Swaen was a terrific setting for our reception.

All are Singing To Hugo And Susan Everyone practiced very hard to get the song just right!

Singing The composer delivered a stellar performance herself.

Cutting of the cake "Cut the cake already, we're hungry!", said the guests.

7-layer cake! Another perspective to the cake cutting.

the receiving line
Susan never got as many kisses as on our receiving line.

Ingrid with the bouquet

Sandra, Franka & Yarden
Sandra with the flower girls.

Gift of Recipe book
Many guests contributed to two incredibly wonderful recipe books.

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